Swarovski & BJWT Foundation

Swarovski For Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

We loved working with Fiona Swarovski on her new Endangered Species collection in collaboration with the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. For this project we were lucky enough to be able to shoot at the sanctuary itself, a stunning secret location in Mexico which was a true honour for our team.

Working alongside world-renowned photographer Gavin Bond to capture a mix of video and stills footage; the shoot itself was not without challenges however filming at the sanctuary was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our crew. We particularly enjoyed meeting and working with Eduardo, the Founder of Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation who together with Fiona provided some very inspiring interviews for the project.

With so much enthralling footage from the big cat sanctuary it was a tough job cutting the three-minute long film, however we feel the end product not only highlights the beauty of the Swarovski jewellery but the majesty of the animals. We'd like to extend a special thanks to Eduardo Serio, the founder of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation for allowing us the opportunity to film at the sanctuary.