Swarovski Activity Tracker: Featuring Miranda Kerr

This branded content campaign featured Miranda Kerr as she showcased the new Swarovski Activity Tracker - a innovatively designed piece of jewellery used to track the wearer's sleeping patterns and daily activity. This was also the brands first foray into wearable technology.

The film follows a day in the life of Miranda Kerr - from her morning yoga session by the pool, right through to her heading out for the night - intercut with stunning close-ups of the product itself.

The film beautifully captures the high-end luxury aspect of the brand whilst showing that the product is created for a truly modern and fashion-concious customer.

We shot this film across two days, the first at a stunning location house in Malibu with Miranda and the second at our own studio in London. In post some CGI retouching work was required to enhance the activity tracker bracelet which resulted in a slick and sparkling video.

In addition to the online commercial we produced behind the scene stills and and a behind the scenes video for Elle France as part of the campaign assets.