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Nomadic Originals thrives on telling stories that deserve to be told.

Our mission is to uncover compelling stories and bring them to life through powerful and thought-provoking narratives. We produce poignant, original content that is not only inspiring but highlights timely world issues in a timeless way.

Nothing has made us prouder than our latest original venture, the award-winning short documentary film:
Life Will Smile.

Life Will Smile is the inspiring true story of 275 Jewish people who survived the Holocaust, on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, thanks to the bravery of the Christian community who came together to protect them.
This unique story of survival and the human spirit was directed by Nomadic founder Drey Kleanthous and produced by Steve Priovolos, with narration from one of the last remaining survivors, 84-year old Haim Konstantini. Just 10 years old, in 1943, Haim tells this story of courage and resilience through the veiled innocence of childhood.

On August 12th, Life Will Smile won the Grand Prize in the ‘Hearts, Minds & Souls’ Category at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Life Will Smile also won the Silver award at the Pittsburgh Film festival in May this year.

We await further news from other important International festivals Life Will Smile and in parallel, we are also developing ‘Zante’, the feature film inspired by this story, which will be produced in the coming year.

Life Will Smile is a co-production by Nomadic & Terramagma Pictures, Life Will Smile is produced with guidance from UNESCO and the New York based Greek-America Foundation, promoting Greek ideals across North America.