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As part of Nomadic’s desire to tell stories that deserve to be told, we teamed up with This Fan Girl – an online community and creative platform, dedicated to female football supporters – to produce an introduction video for them to tell their trailblazing story. We continue to support This Fan Girl as a platform and hope to produce some more content for them very soon.

Founded by Amy Drucquer and Laura Blake, This Fan Girl began life when Amy went to watch her side, Leicester City, and decided to borrow a friend’s camera.


Amy said: “I’m a big Leicester fan and, during the amazing 2015/16 season when we won the Premier League, I wanted to capture some of the incredible feeling around the city at that time – specifically to produce a visual document of the female football fans.

“There’ve been lots of initiatives to encourage women into sport in recent years but there was nothing that spoke to female football fans. All the images of them at Euro 2016 were really sexualised and nothing that I could relate to.

“My friends and I go to games in big coats, shout, and scramble for a pint at half time. I really wanted to show this side of female fandom.”

Soon Laura – a West Bromwich Albion fan – was on board and they began to expand on the original premise.

“We started by photographing the female fans at London Premier League clubs and then moved on to the rest of the top tier.


“It gave a true picture of what being a female football fan in Britain is about and everyone was so welcoming and happy to be a part of the project.”

“We set up a This Fan Girl Instagram account and website and things began to really take off.”

Amy contacted Nomadic’s Social Content Producer, Harriet Killen, through Twitter and the staunch Sunderland supporter took no convincing that it was a project that Nomadic could help with.

“We all thought it was such an interesting story and a great way of engaging with women in football, as nobody was really looking at the experience of the female fans,” said Harriet.

“Nomadic wanted to help tell this story, so we filmed an introduction video with Amy and Laura in a Shoreditch pub and interviewed fans at grounds including West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham.


“This is a great example of the type of stuff that we want to be doing – socially engaged content that tells a great story in a really interesting way.”

But this is just the start for This Fan Girl.

Amy added: “We’re starting to get involved with all aspects of the game, from having get togethers in pubs to watch games, to addressing the fact that many girls are never encouraged to play the game in school.

“Football fandom is a massive subculture and we want women to feel a part of that and be represented in the right way.”

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