Nomadic Films is being loaded

I started in this industry over 20 years ago and it’s hard to remember a time when I was more excited about the future.

Having joined Nomadic last year, it’s crystal clear that we’re in an exhilarating period of transition as we mark our official 10 Year anniversary in 2018.

We want to create innovative, engaging and beautiful work for both the brands we work with, and through our own Nomadic Originals division, where we focus on producing pieces that tackle timely and timeless social issues. And, with the talent and dedication of the team we have here, I see no reason why the month ahead won’t see us producing even more incredible things.

This, however, requires huge amounts of collaboration, both internally and with our clients. Yet, based on my experience, this sense of mutual and willing collaboration is something that can often be missing from the relationship between brands, agencies and production companies.

And it generally goes one of two ways.

Either the people creating the work don’t listen to the brand and are unwilling to compromise on their vision or, as is more often the case nowadays, they will kowtow to their clients and end up creating something that is ‘safe’ and, ultimately, forgettable.

That’s not how we treat our clients.

At Nomadic, we want our clients to feel like partners by keeping them in the loop at all stages and ensuring we always stay open and honest.

A former colleague and good friend once gave me a great analogy for the ideal way this relationship should work – “it’s all about flowers and bins.”

In any good relationship you should of course do all the day-to-day things you are expected to do – like take out the bins. However, you should also take time to surprise and delight your partner with thoughtful, spontaneous gestures – like flowers – essentially turning up every now and then with a few unexpected but welcome touches.

That’s how we treat our clients.

We do the stuff we’re meant to do; we deliver great quality work on time and on budget. We always communicate openly and honestly.

But we also like to surprise and delight, to challenge the status quo and give our clients fresh and exciting thinking that could only have come from Nomadic and our brilliant team here.

This ethos, which has run through the company since its inception, was one of the main things that got me excited about joining Nomadic and it will always be our goal to deliver above and beyond for our clients.

We have big plans for the future and we’re incredibly excited about taking our clients on this journey with us…